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A Theory

1 minute read

On why Open Source software so often has poor documentation.

Just released ‘Eyein’ update

1 minute read

Some changes big and small to FractalScapes, your interactive fractal art design buddy. Enhancements Undo! Sort of. A true undo is on the list, meanwhile, ...

FractalScapes is on the App Store!

2 minute read

I am incredibly relieved to finally be able to announce that after over a year of work, FractalScapes an interactive fractal art designer is finally availabl...

Fractalscapes, Exciting New Features

3 minute read

I am really excited about the new features I have added to FractalScape. My soon to be released Interactive Fractal editor.

Fun with auto layout

3 minute read

Fun in the sense of great difficulties and mysteries.